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Division of Motor Vehicles

Senior Driving

Your Family :: Being Supportive

Be Supportive and Available

  • Giving up the keys may result in feelings of loneliness for the senior driver. Some see driving as the first step in losing contact with friends and family members. Let your loved ones know that you are just a phone call away

Find Alternate Transportation

  • When working to limit or eliminate driving from the senior's live, look into other modes of transportation, like DART 
  • Go with them on the first few trips until they feel comfortable traveling
    on their own

Enlist Mutual Support

  • Friends, neighbors, and other family members can help. If the senior driver is reluctant to impose on those drivers, suggest that they reimburse the driver to relieve their sense of obligation

Do Not Immediately Get Rid of the Car

  • Many seniors feel more secure just knowing that their car is still there. Seeing the car every day in its usual spot often eases the transition to
    a non-driving lifestyle