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Division of Motor Vehicles

Drivers License/Identification Cards

Motorcycle Endorsement

Any person who operates a motorcycle, motorbike or other two or three-wheeled motor-driven vehicle on the highways shall have a driver license with a motorcycle endorsement. Persons over the age of 18 must pass a written examination and road skills test road skills test exam to obtain a motorcycle endorsement. The written and road test examinations are waived for those who complete the approved motorcycle rider education program. The fee for the motorcycle endorsements is .

A person who passes a knowledge and skills examination administered by the Division on a three-wheeled motor vehicle shall have a restriction placed on his or her driver license, in addition to the motorcycle endorsement, limiting him or her the operation of three-wheeled motor vehicles.

Persons under the age of 18 must have the motorcycle application signed by their parents or the duly appointed legal guardian. They must complete the Motorcycle Rider Education Program as approved by the Division.

The Division publishes a Delaware Motorcycle Operator Manual which covers the requirements for the motorcycle endorsement, procedures to acquire the endorsement, testing requirements, and the basic knowledge needed to obtain this endorsement.

Motorcycle Rider Courses

New Castle County – 302-832-5163
Kent County and Sussex County – 302-744-2658
Experienced Rider Program - New Castle 302-326-5030 Kent or Sussex 302-744-2658

Call for further information or to register for classes and schedules

You can register for Motorcycle Training Courses: Online

  1. Download, print, fill out, and mail the registration form to the following address:

    Registration Office
    P.O. Box 698
    Dover, DE 19903

    Please include a check or money order made payable to the Division of Motor Vehicles. Cash or counter checks are not accepted.

    Note: No class spaces will be reserved without receipt of payment. Once registered for a class, a student who requests a change of class will incur an additional $15.00 fee. There is a fee for all returned checks.

Motorcycle Training information, including a registration form, can also be obtained:

  1. By Email. Send your name and address, city, state, zip to A brochure and course registration form will be mailed to the address provided.
  2. By Telephone. Call 302-832-5163 in New Castle County, 302-744-2658 in Kent County or 302-853-1030 in Sussex County and listen to the recorded message. Leave the requested information in your recorded voice mail. A brochure and course registration form will be mailed to the address provided.
  3. In Person. A course brochure can be picked up at any Motor Vehicle branch location and most motorcycle dealers throughout the state.

Motorcycle Permits

Once you have passed the knowledge exam, you will be issued a motorcycle permit which is valid for six months. You can extend the permit for an additional six months. You must apply for an extension at the DMV before the expiration date and pay a $5.00 fee. The following restrictions apply when operating a motorcycle with a temporary instruction permit:

  1. No passengers shall be allowed on the motorcycle.
  2. Operating a motorcycle between sunset and sunrise is prohibited.
  3. Approved safety helmet and eye protection must be worn.
  4. Operation is not permitted on the federal interstate highway system.

Road Exams

Road Tests: Road tests are given on every weekday, except Wednesday. They will not be conducted during inclement weather (rain, snow, sleet, hail, fog, wind, etc.). Contact the facility that you obtained your permit for road test information. DMV offers 2 easy and convenient options for you to schedule your road exam when you feel you are ready. You may use DMV’s online My Road Test scheduler or call your local DMV office to speak with a DMV associate.

  1. Visit the DMV website at
    1. Select “Online Services”
    2. Select “My Road Test” and follow the online instructions
  2. Call a DMV office of your choosing:
    1. Delaware City ………302-832-5176
    2. Dover ………………..302-744-2515
    3. Georgetown …………302-853-1003
    4. Wilmington …………..302-434-3220
    5. Select ‘My Road Test” and follow the online instructions

Upon arriving for your ROAD EXAM you must have the following in your possession:

  • Valid Learner’s Permit.
  • Valid Licensed of the accompanying driver who is at least 21 years of age (excludes motorcycle skills exam).
  • Valid registration card for the vehicle you will be using (and trailer if applicable).
  • Valid insurance card (original or electronic) for the vehicle you will be using.

If you fail any part of the road exam, you should prepare yourself thoroughly to take it again at a later date.