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Division of Motor Vehicles

Drivers License/Identification Cards

Licenses for Exchange Students

After completing an approved driver education training program, an exchange student may apply for a Level One Learner's Permit. The exchange student must present the following:

  1. A typed notarized statement from his/her parent, granting permission for his/her son or daughter to apply for and be issued a Delaware Level One Learner’s Permit.
  2. If the applicant is under the age of 18, the sponsoring family must sign the application and assume liability for the minor driver.
  3. A certified Birth Certificate (in English) and proof of legal presence.
  4. A social security number, if eligible.
  5. Driver education training certificate, if under age 18.
    1. The applicant may be over 18, but under 22 if he/she is on an active individualized education program, IEP.
  6. $40.00 fee will be charged for a 8-year license.