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Division of Motor Vehicles

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Alcohol Program

Evaluation Process

Any individual arrested for DUI must schedule an evaluation with the Delaware Evaluation and Referral Program (DSARP). An individual may request an evaluation following their arrest, an evaluation will be ordered by the court, or by DMV. The evaluation costs $150.00. There is a $50.00 missed appointment fee. The evaluation and referral of a DUI offender is an information gathering and analysis process. The client meets individually with an evaluator to construct a personal history, including medical, legal, social, and psychological information. The evaluation takes approximately 1+ hours.

The evaluation consists of:

  1. A written and verbal evaluation
  2. Social history survey
  3. Substance abuse questionnaire
  4. Several essay questions
  5. Mental health symptom screening
  6. Client rights/confidentiality issues
  7. One on one interview with a certified counselor

The information obtained from the evaluation along with the evaluators' review of the offender's motor vehicle record and blood alcohol test results at the time of the violation form the basis for analysis and recommendation. DSARP will make a referral to one of the following types of programs.

Offenders must make contact with the agency within 30 days of the referral or risk being non-complied back to the court. Referrals are valid for 1 year.

DSARP contact information

schedule evaluation

Phone (302)225-9268

Via email