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Division of Motor Vehicles

Vehicle Services License Plates/Tags

Delaware License Plates - All Special Tags

The special tags available in the state of Delaware have been listed alphabetically for your convenience. Because of the length of the list, it has been broken down into smaller segments. Please click on the appropriate links below to find the special tag of your choice.

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Valor - Air Medal tag
Air Medal
Valor - Air Force Commendation tag
Air Force
Commendation Medal
Alpha Kappa Alpha
Alpha Phi Alpha tag
Alpha Phi Alpha
American Legion tag
American Legion
Animal Welfare tag
Animal Welfare Online | Mail
Antique Automobile tag
Antique Motorcycle tag
Valor - Army Commendation tag
Commendation Medal

B C D  Top

Breast Cancer Awareness tag
Breast Cancer Awareness
Valor - Bronze Star tag
Bronze Star
Buffalo Soldiers tag
Buffalo Soldiers
Call Tag
Call Tags
(Sample 58A)
Caesar Rodney Centennial tag
Caesar Rodney Centennial
Cancer Support Community
Cancer Support Community
Cape Henlopen High School tag
Cape Henlopen High School
Carvel Academy tag
Caravel Academy
CIB Organizational Plate
CIB Plate
Choose Life tag
Choose Life
Retired Coast Guard tag
Coast Guard
Conquer Childhood Cancer tag
Conquer Childhood Cancer
Conrad HS Alumni tag
Conrad HS Alumni
Correctional Officers Association of Delaware tag
Correctional Officers Association of Delaware
Credit Union tag
Credit Union
Delaware Association of Realtors tag
Delaware Association
of Realtors
Deleware Civil Air Patrol
Delaware Civil Air Patrol
Delaware Episcopal Diocese tag
Delaware Episcopal Diocese
Delaware East Carolina University tag
Delaware East Carolina University
Delaware Mobile Surf Fisherman tag
Delaware Mobile
Surf Fisherman
Delaware Organ Donor tag
Delaware Organ Donor
Delaware Senior Olympics tag
Delaware Senior Olympics
Delaware State University tag
Delaware State University
Delaware Technical University tag
Delaware Technical University
Delaware Veterans tag
Delaware Veterans
Delaware William Henry School Alumni tag
Delaware William Henry High School Alumni
Delmar tag
Delta Sigma Theta tag
Delta Sigma Theta
Delta Waterfowl tag
Delta Waterfowl
Lighthouse tag
Delaware Equine Council
Online | Mail
Valor - Distinguished Flying Cross tag
Distinguished Flying Cross
Valor-Distinguished Cross tag
Service Cross
Dover High School tag
Dover High School
Ducks Unlimited tag
Ducks Unlimited
Online | Mail

E F G H  Top

East Carolina University tag
East Carolina University
Eastern Star tag
Eastern Star PHA
Elks Lodge tag
Elks Lodge
Lighthouse tag

Online | Mail
Farm Bureau tag
Farm Bureau
New Farm Preservation tag
Farm Preservation
Online | Mail
Felton High School tag
Felton High School
Flyers charities tag
Flyers Charities
Fraternal Order of Police
Fraternal Order of Police
Goldy Beacom College tag
Goldey Beacom College
Groove Phi Groove Social Fellowship tag
Groove Phi Groove
Harrington High School tag
Harrington High School
Honoring Veterans tag
Honoring Veterans

I J K L M  Top

Indian River HS Alumni tag
Indian River HS Alumni
Johns Hopkins University tag
Johns Hopkins University
Kappa Alpha Psi tag
Kappa Alpha Psi
Keeping Delaware Beautiful tag
Keep Delaware Beautiful
Online | Mail
Kings Point Merchant Marine tag
Kings Point - Merchant Marine
Knights of Columbus tag
Knights of Columbus
Ladies Auxiliary tag
Ladies Auxiliary
Law Enforcement Memorial tag
Law Enforcement Memorial
Lions Club tag
Lions Club
Loyal Order of Moose tag
Loyal Order of Moose
Marine Corp League tag
Marine Corp League
Retired Marine tag
MERR plate
Marine Education Research / Rehabilitation
Online | Mail
Masonic Mason tag
Masonic Mason
MigratoryShorebirds tag
Migratory Shorebirds

N O  Top

Nanticoke Indian tag
Nanticoke Indian
National Guard tag
National Guard
National Rifle Association tag
National Rifle
Valor - Navy Commendation tag
Navy Commendation Medal
Retired Navy tag
Navy (Dept. of)
Valor - Navy Cross tag
Navy Cross
New Castle County Retired Police tag
NCC Retired Police
Newark High School tag
Newark High School
Notre Dame tag
Notre Dame
Nur Temple tag
Nur Shrine
Order of the Eastern Star tag
Order of Eastern Star

Pearl Harbor Survivor tag
Pearl Harbor Survivor
Penn State tag
Penn State University
Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. tag
Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.
Purdue University tag
Purdue University Alumni
Prince Hall Affiliated tag
Prince Hall Affiliated
Ex-POW tag
Prisoner of War
Professional Firefighter tag
Professional Firefighter
Purple Heart tag
Purple Heart
Reserve Forces tag
Reserve Forces
Retired New Castle PD tag
Retired New Castle Police Department
Retired State legislator tag
Retired State Legislator
Retired State Police tag
Retired State Police
St. Joe's University tag
Saint Josephs
Salesianum tag
Salesianum Alumni
Valor - Silver Star tag
Silver Star
Valor - Silver Star tag
Stop Child Abuse
Southern Delaware Street Rod tag
So. Delaware Street Rod Association
Standardbred Owners Association tag
Owners Association
Submarine Service tag
Submarine Service
Telephone Pioneers
Telephone Pioneers
Temple University tag
Temple University
United Auto Workers tag
United Auto Workers
Retired Air Force tag
United States Air Force
University of Delaware athletics tag
University of Delaware Athletics
Online | Mail
University of Delaware tag
University of Delaware
University of Michigan tag
University of Michigan
University of Pennsylvania tag
University of Pennsylvania
US Naval Academy tag
US Naval Academy

P Q R S T U  Top

V W X Y Z  Top

Veterans of Foreign Wars tag
Veterans Foreign War
ietnam Veterans tag
Vietnam Veteran
Villanova U tag
Villanova University
Virginia Tech tag
Virginia Tech
Volunteer Fireman tag
Volunteer Fireman
Wesley College tag
Wesley College
West Point tag
West Point
West Virgina University tag
West Virginia University
Wilmington Firefighers tag
Wilmington Fire
Wilmington Police Dept tag
Wilmington Police
Wilmington University tag
Wilmington University
Zeta Phi Beta tag
Zeta Phi Beta