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Division of Motor Vehicles

Motor Fuel Special Fuel

General Information

The Unit is responsible for the collection of the fuel excise taxes paid for fuels that are used in motor vehicles that are operated on the State's roadways. Companies that sell fuel are required to be licensed with this office and file monthly tax returns to remit the fuel excise taxes collected during the reporting period. Tax returns are processed internally by manually data entering all of the information from the returns into our accounting system. Most of our customers are required by law to remit their payments electronically via ACH.

There are four different types of licenses required that a company may apply for. A motor fuel distributor is a company that sells gasoline or aviation gasoline in bulk. A special fuel supplier is a company that sells primarily diesel in bulk. A special fuel user or dealer is a company that distributes primarily diesel into their own vehicles. A company may be licensed for more that one type of license depending upon how they operate.

Each company is required to be licensed with this office and must submit an application in order to begin business in Delaware. We do a complete background check with these companies before they are licensed that includes contacting other states to determine if there are any compliance issues that need to be addressed. The company is also contacted to make sure that they meet the definition for the type of license that they have applied for and an explanation of all of their requirements are provided. Once the companies are licensed they must renew their licenses by June 30 to continue in business.

A surety bond must also be provided by all licensed companies to protect the State against any unpaid tax liabilities. These bonds range from $5,000 to $200,000 and may have to be increased periodically if their operations change. This office continuously monitors the surety bond coverage and requires the bonds to be increased as needed.

Hours of Operation
Administrative & Motor Fuel/Special Fuel Reporting & Licensing

8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Monday - Friday

303 Transportation Circle, Dover, DE 19901

Mailing Address
P.O. Drawer E, Dover DE 19903