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Division of Motor Vehicles

Vehicle Registration Email Expiration Notification

For Notification Purposes Only

As of January 1, 2009, the Division of Motor Vehicles discontinued sending registration renewal notifications by mail. Customers who wish to receive registration renewal notifications via email and/or automated telephone calls must complete the information requested below. For vehicles NOT requiring inspection, mail-in registration renewal notifications will continue to be sent via USPS or if customers provide an email address, the Division will send the form out electronically.

NOTE: Please have your drivers license and vehicle registration card handy before you begin. The vehicle owner's drivers license number, license plate number and title date are required in order to submit the form. The title date can be found on your vehicle registration card. Once you click "Submit", the owner and vehicle information is verified before the notification information is updated. You will have an opportunity during the process to enter additional vehicles.

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* denotes required entry