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Division of Motor Vehicles

Over one million people live in the State of Delaware. With just four primary Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles locations, we understand it may be difficult for our customers to come see us in these traditional brick and mortar buildings.

So how do we serve these members of our community? We bring the DMV to you!

Years ago, a decommissioned transit bus doubled as a mobile DMV until it became no longer cost effective. The Division tabled the program with hopes of building a mobile DMV from scratch. That day arrived in 2022 when DMV unveiled a new DMV on the Go truck and trailer combo.

The new trailer measures in at 45' long, 65' once you add the truck to haul it around. Inside associates assist customers from four fully operational stations. Other features include a wheelchair lift and one ADA accessible station as well as an awning for when the weather refuses to cooperate. The trailer also includes two doors to improve traffic flow. Customers enter through one door and exit through the other to maintain a seamless traffic flow.

Staff working in the 45' trailer can process most of same transactions as those working in our brick-and-mortar locations with some exceptions. Customers who need to take a road exam or need an inspection, driver improvement or uninsured motorist services still need to visit one of our four primary locations.

Feedback continues to remain positive from users with the most popular comment being, "there was no wait." Bringing First Class Service from the First State to the community allowed the DMV on the Go team to process 1,224 transactions in its first season. Our new trailer allowed us to serve over 1,000 Delawareans right at their doorstep eliminating the need for many of them to travel to one of our primary locations.