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Division of Motor Vehicles

If you are a current member of the Military or a Veteran, we offer many specific services for you. This page serves as a resource to identify all of those services.



Effective October 11, 2023, active duty military and their dependents may qualify for a document fee exemption.

2 Del. Admin. C. §2266 was amended to assist with the transition to a new state less strenuous on our active duty military personnel and their dependents, who are deployed to the State of Delaware.

The exemption includes the registration of a motor vehicle by a member of the military (active, reserve, or National Guard) and their dependent family members who are stationed on either a temporary or permanent basis within the State of Delaware whose vehicles are registered in their state of residence or at their previous duty assignment (to include an overseas assignment).

Military members or their dependent family members must provide active duty military orders indicating a temporary or permanent change of duty station within 90 days of relocating to Delaware or within 90 days of the vehicle purchase.

The Military Document Fee Credit should be applied at the time of titling.

Heroes on the Highway

Heroes on the Highway program was designed to assist active military and recently discharged veterans with obtaining their Commercial Driver License through the waiver of pre-tip skills. To be eligible, active military or veterans need experience with driving trucks or heavy-duty equipment. This program was created to assist in aiding secure local employment for Veterans.

Applicants must be currently serving in the Armed Forces or have recently been discharged and applied for the waiver at DMV within 12 months of their discharge date to apply for a waiver.

Applicants must:

  • Have 2-years experience operating a military commercial motor vehicle (CMV).
  • Certify they were regularly employed in a military position requiring the operation of a military motor vehicle, representative of a CMV, within the past 12 months.

Within the past 12 months of the applicant's discharge date, they will need to complete the driver portion of the Military Skills Test Waiver application. Their commanding officer must sign the form certifying which vehicle type the applicant is eligible to operate. After DMV receives the application, the applicant must satisfy the commercial knowledge testing requirements of the particular class of CDL to be issued.


Veterans with a Disability


A motor vehicle owned by a veteran with a disability, who is eligible for ‘adaptive equipment’ benefits (which includes, but is not limited to power steering, power brakes, power window lifts, power seats, and special equipment necessary to assist the eligible person into and out of the automobile or other conveyance) shall be exempt from the payment of registration fees (limited to one automobile per eligible veteran at any one time). The Division of Motor Vehicles will need documentation from the Veterans’ Administration Office indicating the veteran or service person qualifies in accordance with 21 Del.C. § 2164


Disabled American Veteran License Plate Application


Disabled American Veteran Special Parking Application