RideShare Delaware is DART First State's ride matching service. Share the ride with others and fellow workers to help have fewer cars on the road and reduce air pollution. To find out more about how you can share the ride and register, call 888.RIDEMATCH (888.743.3628). It's a Great Way to Go!

RideShare Delaware's TOP TEN LIST of why "It's a Great Way to GO!"

Number Ten - It's open to anyone! If you work in Delaware, and live in Delaware or surrounding counties within NJ, PA, and MD you can register for the program.

Number Nine - It's not just for carpoolers! RideShare Delaware encourages and provides information for many travel modes including riding the bus and train, van pools, bicycling, and walking.

Number Eight - It's voluntary and it's FREE! You're under no obligation when you register. You'll receive a personalized ride match list (if available) and you decide when to share the ride.

Number Seven - You have a Home Free Guarantee! Register with RideShare Delaware and when you find yourself in need of an emergency ride on the day you RideShare, you'll get a ride FREE!

Number Six - It's your call! You don't have to RideShare every day.

Number Five - Save money! Share the ride and save on gas, parking, tolls, and wear and tear on your car.

Number Four - Forget the stress! Relax and let someone else do the driving.

Number Three - Cut pollution! Fewer cars mean less pollution.

Number Two - Beat the creep! Share the ride and help relieve traffic congestion.

And the Number One reason to RideShare is:

It's a GREAT Way to Go!

http://boards.mwcog.org/register.php?s=ac6336a64d4e30ae169de5d919b0a0e2Register Today This link opens in a new window

For more information visit RideShare Delaware This link opens in a new window on the web or call 888.RIDEMATCH

DART First State's RideShare Delaware service is administered by the URS Corporation.