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THEME: "Ride More. Save More. Do More." With continuous improvement and growth of transit services statewide, DART wants to use the opportunity to inform and promote the advantages of using public transit. Students are asked to create a poster which illustrates the benefits of riding more, saving more and doing more. Visit DartFirstState.com to get some ideas and view past contest entries.

Eligibility: Children in Grades 6 through 12.

Judging & Awards: DART judged the entries for originality, theme presentation, and artistic quality. All winners will receive an award certificate and gifts from DART's business partners. All entrants will receive a certificate of participation. All artwork becomes the property of DART and may be used in future advertising or promotional materials with appropriate credit to the artist.

Dart contest poster - Grand Prize Winner

Sundene Lodge - Grand Prize Winner
6th Grade - Tug Academy Home School

Dart Contest poster

Lydia Klecan-Turner
7th Grade - Smyrna Middle School

DART Contest Poster

Trey Lodge
8th Grade - Tug Academy Home School