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DART Contest

Making today's young people aware of other ways that are available for getting around, and that the car is not needed everyday to go everywhere every time, is very important to a high quality livable future in Delaware. To reach this goal, each year DART First State invites students to participate in its annual statewide poster contest and apply their artistic talents to transit related themes that illustrate how riding transit benefits our quality of life.

The statewide poster contest is open to public and private schools, as well as after-school programs. Students must be in Grades 6 through 12. The program is held from January, when the contest theme is publicly announced, to April when the chosen artists are recognized for their artistic efforts. DART First State judges the entries for originality, theme presentation, and artistic quality. First prizewinners are chosen from each grade along with a Grand Prize winner each year, and receive awards from DART First State along with several prizes from its media business partners.

Grade 6: Gerry Capano
St Edmonds Academy. Teacher: Ms.Downs
Grade 6: Gerry Capano
Grade 7: Angel C. Gardner
A I Dupont Middle. Teacher: Mrs. Rosser
Grade 7: Angel C. Gardner
Grade 8: Keith Mussoni
Home School. Teacher: Margaret Mussoni
Grade 8:  Keith Mussoni
Grade 10: Fumika Takahashi, Grand Prize Winner
Charter School of Wilmington. Teacher: Ms. Letson
Grade 10:  Fumika Takahashi
Grade 11:Geraldo Gonzalez
Christiana High (Autism). Teacher: Mrs. McCracken
Grade 11:  Geraldo Gonzalez
Grade 12:Liam McWilliams
Cab Calloway School of Arts. Teacher: Mr. Hanel
Grade 12:  Liam McWilliams