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DART Contest

Making today's young people aware of other ways that are available for getting around, and that the car is not needed everyday to go everywhere every time, is very important to a high quality livable future in Delaware. To reach this goal, each year DART First State invites students to participate in its annual statewide poster contest and apply their artistic talents to transit related themes that illustrate how riding transit benefits our quality of life.

The statewide poster contest is open to public and private school students between the ages of 10 and 13. The program is held from December, when the contest theme is publicly announced, to March when the chosen artists are recognized for their artistic efforts. Three winners are chosen each year and receive awards from DART First State along with several prizes and merchant gift certificates from its broadcast radio media business partners.

The Grand Prize-winning poster is displayed for thousands to see on DART First State buses, on the web at, and in Delaware Transit Corporation offices and other public buildings statewide.

Emily Kearns, 2002 Winner In 2002, the Grand Prize was awarded to Emily Kearns, 7th grade student at The Independence School in Newark, for her colorful, multi-modal depiction of the contest theme "How Riding Transit Helps Delaware."

Here is how the judging of the posters and the acknowledgement of the student artists takes place: Each school appoints a panel of judges to choose the best or winning entries to represent its school in the next level of competition. The school's winning entries are provided to DART First State for the next level of judging and student artistic acknowledgement. Up to five (5) entries per school can be entered into the contest for final judging. DART First State judges the entries for originality, theme presentation, and artistic quality.

Educators, art teachers, and student supervisors/mentors are encouraged to use the poster transit theme in curriculum and classroom work, and to exhibit all the contest poster entries throughout the school as an acknowledgement to the student artists. Posting the artwork educates all students about the benefits of public transit and how riding the bus or train, carpooling, or cycling reduces traffic congestion and air pollution.

By educating today's students about transportation options available to them as they grow into adulthood and become tomorrow's leaders, workers, and homemakers, we are investing in a better quality of life and a more livable Delaware.

To learn how your student or school can participate in DART First State's Annual Transit Theme Poster Contest, contact Maurya Crossen at 1-302-577-3278, extension 3407.