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Green Initiatives

Electric Buses

DTC’s goal is to reduce emissions by 50% by the year 2030.

  • Four Low/No Emission Bus Grants
  • Electric Buses Currently Operating
    • Ten in New Castle County
    • Six in Kent County*
    • Four in Sussex County
    • Six on order for NCC and Sussex Counties
  • 100% battery electric – quiet, zero emissions, no exhaust, no tail pipe
  • 4-5 times more efficient than comparable diesel buses; lower maintenance costs
  • Faster acceleration than a diesel bus

By early 2023, DTC will operate 26 electric buses and be installing additional in-route chargers for use across the State.

DTC's electric buses will comprise 10% of its entire fixed-route bus fleet.

*Six electric buses were operating in Kent and are being replaced with a universal charging system.

CO2 Emissions Impact FY19 To-Date

  • CO2 Diesel Production Reduction - 1,316 Metric Tons
  • CO2 Gasoline Production Reduction - 4,456 Metric Tons
  • Equivalent to Taking 969 Gasoline Autos off the road

Propane Buses

  • DTC purchased five propane paratransit buses as a 2-year pilot in 2014
  • Entire DART paratransit fleet is now using propane
  • Propane autogas reduces greenhouse gases by up to 25%; 60% less carbon monoxide; and fewer particulate emissions versus gasoline
  • DTC pays $1.05/gallon propane; $2.58/gallon gasoline (Jan. 2022)

Statewide Facilities

  • Solar panels located at our DART III, Dover and Mid-County facilities
  • Bus canopy solar panels planned for our Dover facilities
  • Electric bus charging stations in Lewes and Rehoboth Park & Rides
  • Electric car chargers at our Beech Street and Dover facilities
Dover Solar Panels

Dover Solar Panels

Mid-County Solar Panels

Mid-County Solar Panels


Rehoboth Bus Charging Stations

Rehoboth Bus Charging Stations

Electric Car Charging Stations

Electric Car Charging Stations


Ride DART to take advantage of:

  • Contactless fare payment
  • DART Transit and DART Pass apps with real-time bus info
  • Enhanced cleaning methods

DART Transit


Information Tips for new and returning riders:

  • Our new website design make riding easier with access to information at your fingertips
  • Real time bus arrivals put customers in control of knowing when their bus will arrive
  • Although gas prices remain high, your daily one-way local trip is still on $2.00
  • DART Pass offers fare payment options
  • Sign Up for Rider Alerts
  • Look Up Speak Up - Safety reporting tool available on DART Transit mobile app



Celebrate Earth Day, every day:

  • Riding DART First State transit year round
  • Share a ride with friends and fellow employees
  • Walk or ride a bicycle for short, easy trips
  • If you do drive, drive smoothly and avoid long idling and jackrabbit starts
  • Postpone refueling your car until the evening - and don't "top off" your tank
  • Postpone mowing the lawn with gasoline-powered mowers until evening
  • Avoid lighting your charcoal barbecue with starter lighter fluid
  • Use latex rather than oil-based paints