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Heart Of DART

Welcome to the "Heart of DART", where DART employees showcase their spirit and dedication to you, our Customers. Our DART employees are our key asset of Delaware Transit Corporation/DART First State. The "Heart of DART" campaign showcases how our DART employees make a difference in the lives of our customers and to the various communities we serve.

Keytwan Brooks, Fixed Route Bus Operator, New Castle County
Keytwan Brooks stops to help a distraught individual from jumping off a pedestrian bridge. On Friday, April 24, Keytwan was operating the Route 6 on Kirkwood Highway when he saw a young man attempting to jump from the pedestrian bridge on that highway. Operator Brooks secured his vehicle and immediately went into action. Mr. Brooks asked the gentleman if was okay and he replied 'no.' Operator Brooks called 911 and continued to talk to the gentleman until help arrived. Keytwan stated, "I truly believe God put me in the right place at the right time to save this gentleman's life."

Gary "Mo" Morris, Transit Applications Research Analyst
Gary Morris, affectionately referred to as "Mo," exhibits the essence of the "Heart of DART" through his relentless commitment to systemic process improvements. Whether it is a function of his personality or his military service to our nation, Mo displays an unwavering diligence to eliminate processes that waste company time, that don't fully harness the public dollars spent and that impede the overall productivity of the organization.

2020 was tough. But we are tougher.
We are #DelawareStrong! Bring It On, 2021!

Watch below to see what the "Heart of DART" means to our employees.

DART Employees Earn Delaware Award For Heroism – June 2020

William Forbes, Paratransit Operator
When William was transporting a passenger from the Christiana Hospital to her home, William realized that his passenger was not responsive and was leaning over on her oxygen equipment. He tried to get a response from the passenger but was not successful. He was still near the hospital, so William made a U-turn and rushed back to the emergency room entrance and ran inside. ER staff found the passenger not breathing and pulseless, and started CPR. The passenger was resuscitated and was admitted to the hospital.

Evan Taylor, Facility Technician
Evan was at the Claymont Train Station dropping off rock salt. He went to make contact with the contract security guard at the station and found him unconscious and un-responsive in his chair. Evan tried several times to wake the guard by shaking him and calling his name, however he soon realized that the guard was having a medical emergency. Evan quickly called 911 and remained with the guard, keeping his airway open and monitoring him until EMS arrived. The guard was eventually transported to the hospital and listed in good condition.

Honoring Our Essential Workers

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Thanking DART Employees On The Front Lines!

This truly shows that during these times, the employees are the: